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Tough, big Gelderland all-rounder, talented horse. 
Kyros has been with us since he was a foal. As a three-year-old he went to the Gelderse HK and made it to the third viewing. Floris BS is his brother. 
A horse with which we have done all kinds of things and who has also seen a lot. He is used to a lot, he is an alert horse, not a dead man. A horse that a good rider can go a long way with.
Trained to Z dressage, regularly taken on outdoor rides and attended traffic, cross and jumping clinics. We rode practice courses and practice crosses. He went to foursome training. In short, a horse that you can take in any direction. For the fanatical all-rounder. 
Kyros has a golden character, he is a smart, sweet and alert horse that really wants to work for you. Of course he sometimes sees something that he finds exciting, but never that is mean. He doesn't buck, doesn't rear up and will never run away from you. He is very honest. Even after a week of not riding, he can just get up and ride away. 
When jumping/crossing he jumps very easily and keeps a close eye on the jump/distance. He really likes this too.
No defects in handling and in the stable, he can stand in the herd and is used to this.
He is strong in his hindquarters and can close/shift gears easily. Runs smoothly and smoothly. makes a good jump, jumps a course easily. he is intelligent, as a rider 
We would like to see him end up with a fanatical all-rounder who is clear and good for him.
A good place is a requirement, where the talent of this horse is also shown to its best advantage. 

In 2018 he was X-ray approved for the stallion inspection, prok ggk with a chip.
also had a chest examination for the inspection, which was good.
in 2021 the chip was removed and it was again x-rayed including neck and back
(over)inspection allowed kk. 


Sire arlando
Sire of sire
Dam of sire
Mother zamyra
Sire of dam
Dam of dam elegant