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I hereby offer for sale my sweet 12 year old Austrian Warmblood gelding D'artagnon. He is currently running ZZ-heavy and has a profit point.

He is sweet to handle and ride, because of his size and level he is also a very nice horse to make the transition from pony to horse . A real learning horse for someone who has not been riding for very long.

In addition to riding in the arena, he is well-behaved and reliable during an outdoor ride. Both in a group and when you go out alone, even on strange terrain, he is obedient and remains easy to handle.

D'artagnon is used to going out to the pasture during the day in the summer months. and in winter he spends at least 3 hours in the paddock with his friends. He is not used to being in the stable all day and I don't like the prospect of that either.

I had him x-rayed on June 26, 2023, including his back and neck, and it turned out that he had 2 chips in the back left pastern joint, he underwent surgery, has now fully recovered and is fully back to work.

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Sire Desperados
Sire of sire De-Niro
s.s.s. Donnerhall
m.s.s. Alicante
Dam of sire Wie Musik
d.s.d. Wolkenstein II
m.m.s. Maskottchen
Mother Alina
Sire of dam Ron-William
s.s.d. Rohdiamant
m.s.m. Caronda
Dam of dam Admira Pr.St.
s.d.d. Acord I
d.d.d. Dinta