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Vuelta (competition name Lalaloepsie) is a heat competition. A sweet mare, but with enough blood. Father is an English Thoroughbred and mother an NRPS mare. She is controllable forwards, never actually stops. Has a lot of jumping ability, now has 34 winning points in the L and is ready to move on to the M. Has already competed in the M with the previous rider.

We have had her for 1 year now. On the second day that she was with us, our daughter took her to the qualification of the talent team of the KNHS Utrecht (Utrecht Stars) and this duo was chosen to participate. Special, because they had no driving experience together and our daughter rode with her very easily. A fantastic opportunity that helped both the pony and our daughter to continue to grow. Six months later they came 4th in the Regional Championships, in the basic course she had the highest style points in category B (82.5 style points), unfortunately she had to leave 3 riders in front of her in the jump-off. Unfortunately, they were unable to participate in the last Regional Championships at the last minute because our daughter had an injury. Super bummed, half a year of preparation, pony kept in the L to increase chances, they were completely ready, but yes, that is also equestrian sport.

Vuelta is a real jumping pony. She can be ridden without spurs and without a whip. She really enjoys jumping and is 'on' as soon as the bell has sounded. Our daughter has always ridden her at a leisurely pace, we do not want the ponies to be raced. The pony's qualities when jumping do not lie in dressage. Furthermore, Vuelta has no stable defects and is used to dogs and small children. She finds Smid very exciting, she has no shoes and has recently been to the dentist.
Vuelta is suitable for a rider with some riding experience. She is clearly not a riding school pony, a nice sharp sports pony with many possibilities in the sport. Videos? Please app 06-52 315 325.


Sire Volfonic
Sire of sire Zafonic
s.s.s. Gone West
m.s.s. Zaizafon
Dam of sire Baiser Vole
d.s.d. Foolish Pleasure
m.m.s. River Rose
Mother Hooiweide Fleck
Sire of dam Lys Rouge
s.s.d. Lys de Darmen
m.s.m. Dahna
Dam of dam Wanda
s.d.d. Onbekend
d.d.d. Onbekend