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Sweet, cool Bink 💙

Bink is a super cute, cool B pony who actually likes everything, nothing is too crazy.
Bink has already taught several children to ride, because he is so calm and well-behaved! That makes him super suitable as a beginner pony to ride pixie, for example, because even dressing up doesn't go too far! He thinks everything is fine! 
Bink also has a lot of quality as a jumping pony, he currently walks 70cm (highest class for a B pony) and regularly takes home a prize. Bink is not shy and has a lot of fun jumping. He is not a hot pony and enjoys jumping. This makes it easy to jump quietly, which is of course very nice if children still have to learn it. Riding without a saddle is no problem for Twink and he is also very good at musical chairs to music!
Bink also sometimes goes on outdoor rides and has even gone swimming. On outdoor rides he sometimes gets very enthusiastic when galloping in a group, so a little more experience is wise. Just a leisurely walk or trot is no problem and he takes it nice and easy. 
Bink is well-behaved at the blacksmith, neatly vaccinated and has been to the dentist every year.

In short, I think he is a great is a nice pony that can make a child very happy and is a true friend. He has a lot of patience, can teach children everything from the start and has enough quality for the future.
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Sire Onbekend
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Mother Onbekend
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