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Super sports pony for a little fanatic rider!
Sterre has seen a lot and won a lot in her young life. She came to us untrained at the age of 4. Our daughter, then 9, had her saddle broken and trained to L2 level dressage and 60 cm jumping. She has now participated 4 times in regional and national championships. She became Drenthe Champion several times in both dressage and jumping and in 2023 she even became Dutch jumping champion at the indoor championships.
In addition to the championships, Sterre has been competed in much larger competitions (Geesteren, Almelo, Wierden, Groningen, Tolbert etc. ). Sterre almost always comes home with a ribbon and she also has a large collection of won blankets. 

Our daughter rides a lot at home with a bareback pad or without a saddle. Sterre is okay with everything and also loves to play.
Sterre has a nice mouth and has never run away. On the course she is easy to steer and she always rides with our daughter with high style points. But if there is a jump-off, she also goes for it and can turn short and quickly.
Our daughter prefers jumping, but despite this she started L2 dressage with a profit. She will also be very suitable for an ambitious dressage rider, because there is more to it.

We think Sterre is extremely suitable for a young, small rider or rider who is starting to compete, but also for a slightly advanced rider. little rider will be able to give them a lot of fun. She will also be very suitable for the pixie. With Sterre your child will shine at competitions. She always stands out with her chic appearance!

She has not yet been inspected, but inspections are allowed k.k..

Questions regarding the asking price will not be responded to. It falls into a high price range. If you are seriously interested, please WhatsApp 0646159031. 


Sire Singelwouds Nassau
Sire of sire Oldenzijlster Axel
Dam of sire
Mother 'Rietgelds Razay
Sire of dam Shamrock Micro Cleveland
Dam of dam


Evenement Jaartal Categorie Plaats geëindigd
Jumping Tolbert 2024 0,60 1e
Paard Balkbrug 2024 0,60 1e
Knhs regio Drenthe 2024 0,60 Kampioen
Indoor Hartje Drenthe 2024 L2 182 pnt
Sinterklaasconcours Staphorst 2023 0,60 2e (stijl) en 1e (op tijd)
Twente Cup Ambt-Delden 2023 0,60 3e
Luttenberg 2023 0,60 3e
Oktoberconcours Beilen 2023 0,60 1e
Runer Paarden Dagen 2023 0,50/0,60 1e en 3e
Hippiade 2023 0,60 / L1/ Verenigingskampioenschap Winstpunten met dressuur en foutloze ronden met springen
Knhs regio Drenthe 2023 0,60 Kampioen
Knhs regio Drenthe 2023 L1 Kampioen
De Woldruiters 2023 L1 2 x 1e
Meppel 2023 0,60 1e
Almelose Ruiterdagen 2023 0,60 1e (stijl) en 2e (tijd)
CSI Twente 2023 0,60 1e
CH Wanneperveen 2023 0,60 1e
Eext 2023 0,60 1e
NK Indoor 2023 0,50 Kampioen
Knhs regio Drenthe 2023 0,50 Kampioen
Indoor Hartje Drenthe 2023 0,50 1e
Tolbert 2022 0,50 2 x 1e
Oktoberconcours Beilen 2022 0,50 1e
Runer Paardendagen 2022 0,50 1e en 2e
Knhs regio Drenthe 2022 B Reservekampioen