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Beautiful dressage-bred 8-year-old gelding with a lot of talent and wide movements. 
Has been trained and ridden, but due to lack of time and the right rider has not been shown in competitions.
It is a horse with a lot of character.


Sire Obelisk
Sire of sire Matador 090131374
s.s.s. Donauwind
m.s.s. Maritza 3391 trak
Dam of sire Kida 92.6419
d.s.d. Clavecimbel
m.m.s. Cida
Mother Fallyne B
Sire of dam Tuschinski
s.s.d. Krack C
m.s.m. Kalinja
Dam of dam Udenny
s.d.d. Osmium
d.d.d. Eyonara