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With a heavy heart I am selling my sweet 6 year old mare Noralynn (Henkie x Holland). Noralynn is a sweet mare of approximately 1.75/1.76m (not officially measured). I bought her as a foal, so her entire history is known. 

Noralynn has 3 good gaits and certainly has potential for the higher dressage sport. It is a willing horse with a lot of power. The reason for selling is that unfortunately Noralynn is too big for me, and I run into problems with it while riding. She is a sweet, honest mare, but she does need a sure and consistent rider, as she can sometimes be a bit insecure/ghostly. I have never really done jumping because my ambitions do not lie here, although she has jumped a few times and she was also very enthusiastic. 

Noralynn loves attention and is always looking for you on. She lives at my house together with my Shetland gelding and two mares. She is social towards other horses; My Shetlander and other mare can always eat from the same hay trough or even from the same food trough with Noralynn. 

Noralynn has always been vaccinated on time, been to the dentist and to the farrier. She also goes onto the trailer easily.

Since  it is very dear to my heart, Noralynn is leaving alone to a 5-star house where she spends a lot of time during the day. She has been used to this all her life.

For questions or videos please app to 06 41 30 43 99


Sire Henkie
Sire of sire Alexandro P
s.s.s. Koss
m.s.s. Itilde
Keur, preferent
Dam of sire Beaujamanda
d.s.d. Upperville
Mother Poco loco's palermo
elite, sport-(dres), Ibop-(dres), prok
Sire of dam Holland
Dam of dam Morana
ster, preferent
s.d.d. Elcaro
d.d.d. Ramono