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Ambitious sports pony, who wants to work very hard for you to work. Alexander has the talent and movements to be at the front everywhere finished in dressage, but has also proven to be a great jumper. 1.10m jumping and Z1 dressage. Also include a handy, ambitious rider or Amazon and it is downright enjoyable.

Reason for sale: Too much pony for my twelve year old daughter. Alexander likes to have a rider who takes the lead. This is absolutely not necessary with a heavy hand, less is often more, but you absolutely have to be able to do more then sit down and ride along.

Currently enjoyed by several riders driven: Tess (also 12 years old, but bigger and more courage and experience my own daughter) is currently driving it. Nina (18 years old) steps on it every now and then and challenges him more in dressage. Olivia (16 years old) has had it 10 times now rode/jumped, after the first time on a Wednesday evening she immediately said I take him to a competition this weekend. All three riders ride him with a lot pleasure.

Jumping: He can do very well and distances are easy riding, galloping, more or less jumping, changes are all very easy. Drive him with conviction then he will trust you and jump everything. Now jumps 80-90cm with Olivia. Jumped - 100cm in 2023 and jumped - 110cm in 2022 with other riders.

Dressage: Pony has above average good gaits. Can easy to expand, but also easy to close. Especially a lot in the past jumped along, but was also successful in Z1 dressage last year (2023). released. Started on December 23 with Tess in B-dressage, immediately gaining 4 points in two tests.

Stud: Alexander is approved up to and including his 6th year been a breeding stallion, both in the Netherlands and Germany. Also has several descendants walking around (also in the South).

What you need to know: Alexander is sweet but also very bad impatient, especially at the cleaning station. It is a real sports pony that likes to run. It is not a patient cuddle pony. Alexander has been a sucker since he was a child third year, that doesn't get in the way of driving or his health. Super easy on trailer and truck, alone or together with others problem. Strange terrain doesn't really bother him.

Higher price range.


Sire Berktzicht Rob
Sire of sire Kantje's Ronaldo
pref ps d.h. ps f.h.
s.s.s. Watershof Pretendent
m.s.s. Wiske Barbara
Dam of sire Sandy
ster pref
d.s.d. Ralph
m.m.s. Kantje's Sandra
kroon pref
Mother Slangenburg's Julia
Sire of dam Moorland's Crack
s.s.d. Cadillac
m.s.m. Symphonie
Dam of dam Belcampo's Morgenster
s.d.d. Jasper
ps f.h.
d.d.d. Axkeen Lizzy
kroon pref ps f.m. ps pony