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I hereby offer my super sweet Exmoor pony gelding, Tucker, for sale. He is about 122cm, which makes him a B-pony. It is from May 2016, which now makes it 7, almost 8 years old. He has been under saddle for about a year now and is very well behaved, never takes a step wrong and does his best. With a confident/fanatical rider he is nice and forward, with an insecure or less experienced rider he becomes a bit more reserved. He can also jump well, so far up to 50cm high. He jumps very calmly and in a controlled manner.

He has never run off, but is more likely to stand still if he no longer knows what to do. He sometimes finds new things a bit exciting, but once he knows something, it is fine and there is nothing to worry about.

He is easy on traffic. Unfortunately, we have not encountered normal traffic or heavy traffic often enough to say that he is really used to that. He will definitely get used to it soon. He has mainly been on outdoor rides with my other horse, but has also been on his own for smaller stretches and then he is also very well behaved. He is not so quick to notice strange things.

He is very well behaved, social with other horses, stands outside here 24/7 with a shelter, but knows it also means going to the stable at night. The requirement is that he will be outside a lot. He can be neatly haltered and taken along. Stands still neatly and patiently for brushing and saddling. Is good with trimming. Walks onto the trailer very well and easily and stands calmly and patiently, even on the road. He also walks away calmly.

I am looking for someone for him who will enjoy working with him, because he really enjoys that, he likes to go to work or enjoy an adventure. It would be ideal for children, but with beginners it would first need to release some of its energy, otherwise it might be a bit too forward. Once he has done something, he is super easy and well-behaved. It would also be suitable for a small adult, its wide construction makes it a great fit. The rider in the photo is 168cm tall.
I like to see him go to a place where he spends a lot of time with regular friends, I think that is very important. A good spot is more important than the price


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